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const web3 = require("web3.js");

// the most reliable RPC available..

const connection = new Connection("https://awesome.rpcpool.com/",

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Quality matters. Speed & reliability are vital for decentralized applications to thrive while processing high-throughput transactions. If you don't see your chain, reach out!

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Building on next-generation blockchains since the early days, we know our infratructure. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can build the experience users deserve.

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Your customers get fast RPC access with servers in the US, EU and Asia Pacific. Our RPC routes requests to the closest servers and ensure server health and accurate data.

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Our Starter RPC is dedicated to Web3 and Defi frontends, disallowing bot and automated activity causing disturbances and downtimes for your users.

hybrid world

Reliable scalability & cost-efficient RPC

For the growing business

Our hybrid solution has you covered. Use our dedicated RPC servers for your heavy back-end workloads from bots, cranks, keepers, etc.

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Gain a competitive advantage with our unique transaction routing solution and read blockchain data with up to 400ms reduced latency!

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Our professional trading centers have got you covered.

Frequently asked questions

If you have a different question and can't find the answer you're looking for, reach out to our support team via telegram or by sending us an email , and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

How does your RPC ensure low latency and high throughput?
The specific method of ensuring low latency and high throughput may vary, but common techniques include efficient serialization and compression of data, use of binary protocols, and optimization of network communication.
How do I know that your nodes are up to date with the network and has required ledger data?
Our servers keep automatic health checks guaranteeing that no server active in the pool is too far away from the leader. We provide historical data access through archival nodes.
Is KYC required?
We have a simple KYC policy consisting of your real name, project name, website, and email address. For Pro Trading Center clients, we require a higher standard of KYC, including ID documents & proof of address.
What type of payments do you accept?
We accept USDC on Solana and Sui, plus USDC from any of the blockchains supported by Circle. We also accept USD & GBP bank transfers. Sorry, no credit cards.
What is the difference between the Shared Pool and a Dedicated node?
The shared pool is designed for frontend, user-facing applications only. Scripts and bots put a heavier load on the pool, which could degrade performance for others using the service. For heavier uses, we offer dedicated nodes.
Can I test a dedicated a dedicated node?
We don't offer testing of dedicated nodes because we use custom-built, bare-metal machines. Schedule a meeting with us to learn about expected performance.

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99% uptime, filter bots, high rate limits, afforable price.

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Whether it's through the provision of custom RPC servers for operators or hosted access to custom APIs, we work with many blockchain projects in order to help further the ecosystem.


We stepped up to help the Solana defi ecosystem after FTX failed. Our reliable, dedicated RPC infrastructure powers many OpenBook market cranks.


We are a proud vendor for The Pyth Data Association and many of the Pyth Publishers on Solana. We are also a vital infrastructure provider for Pythnet.


We contribute as a Wormhole guardian operating over 20+ nodes for different blockchains to help keep the bridge functioning with reliable data.


We helped Metaplex validate their Compressed NFT read API standard. The API is available on our shared RPC service as well as our dedicated instances!