Deploy consumer-facing applications faster.
Help your products feel better.

We built a robust RPC service optimized for front-end GUIs across multiple blockchains inlcuding Solana, Sui, and Pythnet. Triton RPC weeds out the bots so your users can actually use your product reliably, at scale.


Our core values

Up-time is important, your RPC shouldn't go out when volatility kicks in.
Our systems continuously outperform under stress, and they are just getting better.
Our systems grow with yours. Built with scale in mind, Triton is with you for the long haul.
We offer a multitude of solutions that are guaranteed to fit your situation.
Our team is ready for you 24/7. We offer the best support in the industry via Telegram and Slack.
Know how everythings works from our metrics dashboards, have direct access to us for questions.

Supported blockchains



Supercharge your customers' on-chain experience.

Yellowstone is our groundbreaking suite of enhancements designed to revolutionize your Solana RPC.

Unparalleled speed and reliability for users trading and executing anything on-chain.

  • Dragon's Mouth means faster streaming.

  • Steamboat superchargers your gPA.

  • Old faithful means, your blockchain data, everywhere consistently.

Streaming at Lightning Speed

Dragon's Mouth is a powerful geyser-fed gRPC interface is designed to increase your streaming capabilities by up to 75%, ensuring smooth and efficient data transmission.

Unparalleled Performance

Steamboat means saying goodbye to sluggish responses. The indexes are made specifically for you, boost GetProgramAccounts (gPA) like never before, up to 400ms!

Every Block, Everywhere, All at Once

Old Faithful is the future of blockchain storage. The mission is to load the entire Solana blockchain onto distributed online storage, make it easier to interact with the blockchain increasing performance.

Built to scale

Need more from any of our RPC products?
Hybrid is the perfect solution.

Hybrid means, our very best Triton RPC for your front-end plus a dedicated backend RPC server geolocated near your data center to handle the automated traffic.

  • Add a dedicated server anytime, scale up whenever you need to.

  • Geolocated servers means optimum performance for your users and your product.

  • Triton is full-service solution, reliable, and trusted. We're here 24/7 for your and your team.

Scale up as you grow.
A reliable, full-service, trusted solution.

Start small and scale up, or we'll work with you to find a sustainable solution that works with your business needs, just reach out!



Globally-distributed shared RPC optimized for your front-end GUI, deploy reliably.

  • Includes access to Solana, Sui, and Pythnet

  • Every user has a great experience because geo-DNS will send their requests to the server closest to them

  • Auto-failover will send your traffic to our global backup pool during software upgrades or local server trouble

  • No bots allowed, front ends only!



Simply want a route for automated traffic? We'll set up a custom server just for you.

  • Globally distributed dedicated servers for diverse backend needs

  • Geyser servers

  • Redundancy to increase reliability

  • Add dedicated servers to meet your backend workload

  • Custom indexing

Hybrid +


Everything you get in the Starter RPC plus one dedicated backend server for automated traffic.

  • Every user has a great experience because geo-DNS will send their requests to the server closest to them

  • Handle heavy backend workloads with a dedicated server near your data center

  • Auto-failover will send your traffic to our global backup pool during software upgrades or local server trouble

  • A shared service plus a dedicated server is better than either solution alone

Experience the best possible connection.

Gain a trading edge and discover new ways to navigate and execute on-chain. Get the lowest read-latency possible.

Many hands make light work.
We're here for the long haul.

Whether it's through the provision of custom RPC servers for operators or hosted access to custom APIs, we work with many blockchain projects in order to help further the ecosystem.


We stepped up to help the Solana defi ecosystem after FTX failed. Our reliable, dedicated RPC infrastructure powers many OpenBook market cranks.


We are a proud vendor for The Pyth Data Association and many of the Pyth Publishers on Solana. We are also a vital infrastructure provider for Pythnet.


We contribute as a Wormhole guardian operating over 20+ nodes for different blockchains to help keep the bridge functioning with reliable data.


We helped Metaplex validate their Compressed NFT read API standard. The API is available on our shared RPC service as well as our dedicated instances!