Efficiently Optimize Your
Solana Transaction Delivery

The premier B2B exchange for transaction bandwidth to deliver Solana transactions through staked validators.


The Cascade Bandwidth Marketplace is a specialized B2B exchange designed for buyers and sellers of Solana transaction bandwidth. This marketplace is intended for projects looking to buy bandwidth and validator operators looking to sell their excess bandwidth.

Optimized Transaction Delivery

Ensure swift and reliable transaction inclusion with Solana's diverse TX delivery pathways, designed to mitigate congestion and enhance user experience.

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Transparent and Fair Auctions

Participate in our transparent, competitive auctions to secure transaction bandwidth at the best possible price, with clear outcomes and fair pricing for all winners.

Bid placed
Bid placed·15m ago

0.1 SOL for 100pps

How it works

Cascade operates using transaction bandwidth, measured in Packets per Second. Validators are awarded this bandwidth at the start of each epoch, with each packet representing one transaction. Validators connected to Cascade can sell their excess bandwidth on the Cascade marketplace.

Transaction bandwidth is allocated
to validators at the start of each epoch, measured in Packets per Second (PPS). Each packet represents one transaction or retry
When buying transaction bandwidth
, referred to as 'Jet,' you purchase it in units of PPS per epoch. For example, purchasing 100 PPS for an epoch allows you to fast-track 100 transactions per second during that epoch.

Any transactions exceeding your purchased bandwidth will be dropped.

Transaction bandwidth is sold per epoch
. If you need to change your bandwidth allocation, you must do so in advance of the upcoming epoch.

Reliable transactions for your
users at an affordable price.

Cascade offers competitive and straightforward pricing to fast-track your transactions with ease.

How It Works

  • Secure transaction bandwidth as low as 0.1 SOL per epoch for 100 Packets per Second (PPS)
  • Easily adjust your bandwidth needs in advance for upcoming epochs
  • With approximately 13.5 epochs per month, manage your budget efficiently
  • Ensure your transactions reach the network leader, even during peak congestion

The power of prioritized transaction delivery for

current floor:
0.1SOL/ Epoch for 100 PPS

Note: Cascade txs are an additional routing layer on top of the existing network. Cascade adds a copy of your transaction through a "fast lane".

Many hands make light work.
We're here for the long haul.

Whether it's through the provision of custom RPC servers for operators or hosted access to custom APIs, we work with many blockchain projects in order to help further the ecosystem.


We stepped up to help the Solana defi ecosystem after FTX failed. Our reliable, dedicated RPC infrastructure powers many OpenBook market cranks.


We are a proud vendor for The Pyth Data Association and many of the Pyth Publishers on Solana. We are also a vital infrastructure provider for Pythnet.


We contribute as a Wormhole guardian operating over 20+ nodes for different blockchains to help keep the bridge functioning with reliable data.


We helped Metaplex validate their Compressed NFT read API standard. The API is available on our shared RPC service as well as our dedicated instances!